Transient Bodies (2017)

for Sinfonietta
(1111. -1110. -perc.(1) -harp -pno. -strings: 11111)
Duration: 11:00

Commissioned by the New Juilliard Ensemble, director Joel Sachs                                             

reAwaken (2015; rev. 2017)

for orchestra
(3333. 4331. -timp. perc.(3) -harp -pno./cel. -strings)
Duration: 12:00


Sun Path (2013; rev. 2017)

for Orchestra
(2222. -4331. -timp. perc.(2) -harp -pno. -strings)
Duration: 11:00

Revision commissioned by the St. Thomas Orchestra, director Bernard Tamosaitis. 

Toward a Brilliant Light (2016)

for 6 Players
(Fl. Cl. Vln. Vc. Mixed Perc. Pno.)
Duration: 8:00

Written for the Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble


Come In (2016)

for Oboe, Bassoon, & Harp
Duration: 10:00

Commissioned by Focal Point 2, a collaboration between Juilliard composers and harpists. Composed for Lauren Williams (oboe), Joseph Cannella (bassoon), and Emily Levin (harp) 


A Clock Stopped (2015)

for Soprano and String Quartet
Duration: 8:00


Trio Fantasy (2014)

for Violin, Cello, and Piano
Duration 25:00


Gravitating Entities (2014)

for Wind Quintet
Duration: 11:00

Commissioned by the Dynamic Music Festival 


Alternations (2011, rev. 2015)

for Brass Quintet
Duration: 6:00


Responses (2016)

for Cello and Piano
Duration: 9:00

Commissioned by Ariana Nelson


Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2 (2016)

Duration: 20:00

Commissioned by the Danbury Chamber Music Intensive. Composed for Hannah Ji (violin), and Robert Fleitz (piano)


Escape Fantasy (2016)

for Viola and Piano
Duration: 7:00

Commissioned by Jacob Shack


It takes two… (2016)

for 2 Violins
Duration: 12:00

Composed for Les Deux Violins (Chelsea Starbuck Smith and Clare Elena Semes)


Nimbus (2014)

for Flute and Piano
Duration: 8:30

Composed for Dr. Steven Huter and Claudia Huter for a performance at the Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall


Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 1 (2011-13)

Duration: 16:00


...Comes the light (2016)

for Harp
Duration: 5:00

Commissioned by and composed for Emily Levin


4 Character Pieces (2014-2015)

for Piano
Duration: 15:00


Sonata for Piano (2011)

Duration: 13:00


Reflections (2011)

for Piano
Duration: 8:00


A Clock Stopped (2015)

For Soprano and String Quartet
Duration: 8:00

Text: Emily Dickinson


The Nature of Loss (2014)

3 Songs for Soprano and Piano
Duration: 8:00

Text: Frederico Garcia Lorca

A Nightmare Wakes (to be released in 2017)

Directed by Nora Unkel


enough (2016)

Choreography by Caitlin Javech

also a movement in an upcoming work for Cello and Piano


Reverence (2015)

Choreography by Caitlin Javech
Instrumentation: Fl. Vln. Vc. Perc. Pno.

Composed by the 2015 Choreographers and Composers collaboration at The Juilliard School. Performed at the 2015 Capezio Dance Award Ceremony.


Goblin Song (2014)

Directed by Nora Unkel
Instrumentation: Orchestra

Awarded Best Original Score by the Tisch First Run Film Festival


Blood Bath (2014)

Directed by Scott Schuler
Instrumentation: Piano Quintet

2014 Tisch 48 winner of: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Set Design, and Best Editing