Once New (2017)

for Viola and Harp
Duration: 20:00

*Commissioned by Jacob Shack and Emily Levin

First performance: November 13, 2017
Lyric Chamber Music Society
New York, New York


Responses (2016)

for Cello and Piano
Duration: 9:00

*Commissioned by Ariana Nelson

First performance: April 4, 2017
The Juilliard School
New York, New York


Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano (2016) 

Duration: 20:00

*Commissioned by the Danbury Chamber Music Intensive
  Composed for Hannah Ji (violin), and Robert Fleitz (piano)

First performance: August 2016
Charles Ives Concert Series
Danbury, Connecticut


Escape Fantasy (2016) 

for Viola and Piano
Duration: 7:00

*Commissioned by Jacob Shack

First performance: May 2016
The Juilliard School
New York, New York


It takes two… (2016)

for 2 Violins
Duration: 12:00

*Composed for Les Deux Violins
  Chelsea Starbuck Smith and Clare Elena Semes

First performance: 2016
The Juilliard School
New York, New York 



Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano (2011-13)

Duration: 16:00





New Work for Solo Piano (in progress)


*Commissioned by Steven Masi


7 Character Pieces (in progress)

for Piano
Duration: 15:00

*Commissioned by Edoardo Turbil


Fantasy Chorale (2017)

for Organ
Duration: 8:00

*Commissioned by the American Guild of Organists                                                            
  Written for Colin MacKnight

First performance: November 5, 2017
St. Thomas Church
New York, New York


...comes the light (2016)

for Harp
Duration: 5:00

*Commissioned by and composed for Emily Levin

First performance: September 19th, 2017
(Le) Poisson Rouge


4 Character Pieces (2014-2015)

for Piano
Duration: 15:00


Sonata for Piano (2011)

Duration: 13:00

Reflections (2011)

for Piano
Duration: 8:00